Welcome to the Journal!

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Hey hey hello!

I’m so excited to have this journal up and established! After about 13 years photographing people, I have never had the time to write and share my travels, favorite spaces, weddings and sessions I’ve photographed, and more. But now, being fulltime, I have the space for it and the time!!

For a very fitting first journal entry, I would love to shoutout the design elements that you see around my website. This site looks as beautiful as it does thanks to some amazing designers and photographers who have captured the essence of Kate Elaine Photo and all its beauty.

First and foremost, thank you to Showit for providing a platform that was super easy and quick to set up my new website! My previous provider announced that they were not going to be supporting their platform anymore after this fall and so starting in November, I began to recreate and update my website on Showit in my spare time. It couldn’t have been any more easy if I tried! Between the support team, online articles, and youtube videos, I was able to answer any questions that I had while designing.

Secondly, a huge shout out goes to the photographers I’ve worked with through the last few years to curate headshots, branding shots, and working shots that you see all over my website and social media.

Credit: Heather Nyquist Photography

Credit: Savannah Kay Photography

Credit: Annie Elizabeth Photography

Credit: Carly Storro Photography

And thirdly, a huge shout out to my amazing brand designer, Pine & Park Design Co.! Alyssa worked with me for months to determine the perfect logo, fonts, and colors to complete the feel for Kate Elaine Photo. I couldn’t be more happy with everything she does and continues to do for the brand!!

Finally, a HUGE shout out to all of you for continuing to support me and my business! I can’t wait to share with you all my adventures, likes & dislikes, helpful tips & tricks, beautiful work I’ve created, and more! In the meantime, join the email list to stay up to date when I post new content!