I have a deep desire to see beautiful vistas and encourage people to photograph their memories. When I'm not hiking in the Adirondacks or visiting a brewery in Vermont, you can find me enjoying a glass of wine with my boyfriend at home in Concord, New Hampshire.

Hi, I'm Katie, or as my grandmother would lovingly call me, Kate Elaine.


1. My Podcast

2. Emerald Peak Creatives

3. The Film Project

I host a podcast where I interview people about their lives and passions. It has been a fulfilling passion project and helps me connect with humans on a deeper level. With a soft launch in April of 2022, the podcast has over 100 downloads so far! The Let Me Buy You a Drink podcast can be listened to on all streaming platforms and can't wait to see what the next few years full of interviews and connections will come! If you have a passion you can't stop talking about with every person who will listen, let's have you on the show!

In 2021, Courtney from Crown Coordination in Upstate New York, and I put our creative skills to the test and launched a series of styled shoots, shoot-out events, and vendor marketing photoshoots. Our goal is to help small business vendors create unique and specialized content that they can use within their own businesses while creating a fun environment for networking opportunities to flourish and blossom. We're going into our fourth year with a good amount of creative ideas for vendors and creatives alike and would love to work with anyone that aligns with our goal!

The beginning of my interest in photography came from disposable cameras that my family purchased on every trip we took. It allowed us to capture our memories while still living fully in the moment. Fast forward to 2015 when I wanted to recreate the effect of living fully in the moment and capturing memories with no pressure. On every wine tour, road trip, and vacation, a film camera has been with us. Documenting my own memories, alongside yours, through film has been the best decision I've ever made. Check out the Journal to see these adventures documented!

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